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Adult Sew 

Contact studio regardingAdult sew days/times.

  •   The studio needs at least 3 students to have an adult class.

  •  $33/class, includes all fabrics, notions, tools and equipment.

The Adult Sew class is for adults of all ability levels.  We can cater to your specific needs.  Some students want to learn specific sewing methods like reading a pattern or putting in zippers.  Others want to understand how to use there own sewing machines or other basic beginner skills.  Sew your own clothes, create a quilt, mend your pile of "fix-its", make children's apparel or many other possibilities!

Before Booking, Please Contact The Studio To Ensure Availability

(Unavailable this season)  Quilting is Fun! class is also for sewers of all ability levels.  Create a quilt yourself or create a quilt with a family member and have an heirloom to cherish.  The class can teach you the basics or support you as you try a challenging design.  This class often has mother/child or grandmother/child pairs participating.  A small quilt can be created in five classes depending on the students.  And larger or more difficult designs may take longer.  Come to a few classes to get yourself jump-started, or come every week to ensure your quilting goals!

(Unavailable this season)  The Adult-Kid Sew class is designed for an adult and child who would like to spend time together and learn about sewing!  We will sew both together and side-by-side on projects that are fun and educational. Price includes fabrics, notions, equipment and sewing machines.  You may also bring your own sewing machines and equipment to use if you would like more experience and perhaps help learning about your own machine.