Cynthia Barnes   Owner  Inspiration Art Academy

Cynthia Barnes
Inspiration Art Academy


Love Cynthia's experience and her willingness to share it with others. She's also very good about letting me just do what I want to do, too, with all the amazing equipment she has there. Very well stocked for any artist's needs.”
—Phyllis Rostykus
Cynthia's enthusiasm and love for art is infectious! My daughter attended the last week of summer camp and had so much fun that we came back for open studio today! I highly recommend her classes and camps! We will most definitely be back!
—Lisa Mastropietro Evans 
“Cynthia has created a thriving creative environment for students of all ages to learn and grow. Just step in the door and you are whisked into a colorful exciting art making world. Our experience at her art camp was filled with a variety of printmaking methods with clear instruction and opportunities to pursue personally relevant content. Cynthia brings humor and liveliness to what she teaches.Michelle Zuccar0
A little gem in the heart of Longmont! Cynthia is amazing!”
—Gina Calise Finney
“Cynthia has created a great space with the flexibility to create a variety of art with quality materials and examples. My teenage daughter loved going there for open studio and having the flexibility to pick her project. We are already planning another Friday night open studio visit!
—Erika Norman

Cynthia Barnes

The Inspiration Art Academy

Cynthia’s experience is extensive and varied.  She has 23 years of art education experience in public schools and another 4 in the private sector.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.   She went on to receive her Masters of Art in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and another Masters in Deaf Education from Columbia University/Teachers College in New York City.

She has worked as an art education teacher in Colorado, New York City, Chicago and Miami.  She has also taught art education in Ghana, West Africa; Rome, Italy and Bursa, Turkey.

She has worked with many different kinds of students.  She has taught ages Pre-K through Adult.  She has worked with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals, many who faced multiple disabilities including autism.  She also worked for the United Cerebral Palsy Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing unit.

Cynthia envisioned, created and for five years, co-lead the Annual Colorado “Teaching for Artistic Behaviors” Conference.  It gathers together over 100 art educators from six neighboring states each year to discuss “choice-based” and “inquiry-based” art education ideas.  Cynthia and her team have gathered nationally recognized TAB art educators and artists to collaborate and share their ideas about “Teaching for Artistic Behaviors”.  She was the recipient of “The 2013 National Teaching for Artistic Behaviors Leadership Award”.

Cynthia has also been an active participant and Curriculum and Organization board member of Colorado ArtSource.  She was co-coordinator for the 2012 and 2013 ArtSource Summer Institutes, a week-long residential art camp for art teacher/leaders in Colorado.

After twenty-three years of teaching public school art education, Cynthia opened her own artist studio where she now enriches her own community with her passion for art and sewing!  She wants to spread her ideas that making art is Educational! Community building! Inspiring!  Cathartic!  And Fun!!

Here is a quick video taken of me for Colorado Creative Industries...

Here is a quick video taken of me for Colorado Creative Industries...

Here is another one!

Here is another one!

a few of Cynthia’s own artworks!

"Stop-Motion" Animation events, stay tuned  "Kids Art Night" Second Fridays, 6-8pm  "Making Art Together", stay tuned  Holiday Art-making events

"Stop-Motion" Animation events, stay tuned

"Kids Art Night" Second Fridays, 6-8pm

"Making Art Together", stay tuned

Holiday Art-making events